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  1. Case Study for Powder Coating System requiring environmental compliance

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    Case Study for Powder Coating System requiring environmental compliance

    Ithica, NY – A manufacturer of steel bed frames was planning a generational transition that included moving to the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  The challenge was compliance with the environmental regulations in such a pristine area.

    HERR Industrial, Inc., was responsible for the design, manufacture, and installation of a powder coating system.  The process scope included: loading parts on an overhead conveyor, pretreatment in a two-stage spray washer, drying in a convection dry-off oven, coating in a powder booth and then curing in a convection cure oven, and cooling before being manually unloaded.

    Compliance with the environmental regulations was met using heat recovery to evaporate the overflow from the washer.  A PAC column heat exchanger with stainless steel media used the heated oven exhaust and counter-flow of wastewater.  The solution resulted in no discharge fines and energy savings.


    The following equipment was incorporated into the design of the powder coating system.  The line speed was 5 fpm and the part size was 2’wide x 6’high x 3’long.

    • Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor
    • Two (2) Stage Spray Washer with water heating system
    • Exhaust Heat Recovery wastewater discharge evaporator
    • Combination Dry-off and Cure Oven, Convection forced air
    • Environmental Room with air conditioning
    • Installation of customer supplied powder booth
    • Cooling Tunnel