Convection & Infrared Ovens

The oven exhaust rate and air seal are also key elements of the oven’s energy efficiency. HERR employs VFD control of the exhaust in order to adjust the rate to minimize heat loss yet meet process requirements. Our air seals feature adjustable air knife slots on horseshoe duct coupled with a heat trap fan intake that effectively segregate the oven from the outside atmosphere. Bottom-entry ovens are used where practical for the greatest energy efficiency by trapping heat in the oven and eliminating air seal fans.

HERR’s convection ovens are designed to meet your specific part and process requirements but flexible enough to meet your future demands. The following convection oven features are available:

  • Dry-Off, Pre-Heat, and Cure
  • Natural Gas, Propane, Electric
  • Direct or Indirect Fired
  • Multi-Zone
  • Energy Efficient VFD on Exhaust
  • Heat Recovery and Reuse
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Fine Tuned, Adjustable Even Air Distribution
  • Internal Structural Frame with High Temp Paint
  • T&G Panels, Mineral Wool w/ Aluminized Skins
  • Clean ability features for Class A Finish
  • Circulation Air Filtration
  • Ovens Constructed Inside or Outside Plant