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I am thankful for everyone that stopped by our exhibit table at #ECOAT24.  We are looking forward to partnering with you for your next industrial paint finishing project.  Contact HERR for small upgrades, to full system automation.  We are experienced with powder, liquid, fluidized beds and electrocoating. HERR Industrial, Inc. is a design-build manufacturer, of […]

Powder Coating System requiring environmental compliance

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Case Study for Powder Coating System requiring environmental compliance Ithica, NY – A manufacturer of steel bed frames was planning a generational transition that included moving to the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  The challenge was compliance with the environmental regulations in such a pristine area. HERR Industrial, Inc., was responsible for the design, […]

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Is your dip tank designed for the chemistry’s PH?

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When designing a dip tank for a paint finishing system there are many specifications required; such as the type of conveyor, floor space, part size, production rate, dwell time, chemistry temperature, chemistry PH, etc…  The topic for this discussion is the material chosen to fabricate the tank.  In general, most tanks are fabricated with 304 […]

HERR Industrial Promotes Sales Manager

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HERR Industrial, Inc., a design-build manufacturer of industrial paint finishing systems and equipment, has promoted Craig Lawrence to the position of Sales Manager.  Craig has been a Sales Engineer with HERR for the past 5 years, designing paint finishing systems for national and international customers.  He has experience with powder coating, liquid coating and electrocoating […]

Wastewater Evaporator

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HERR installed an 80 GPH Evaporator to reduce the amount of wastewater going to drain from a 5-stage pretreatment washer serving a powder coating system.  The wastewater is first neutralized in a holding tank, then pumped to a water heating tank.  The heated water is sprayed into an airstream, in turn heating the airstream.  The […]