NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH – This customer builds excavating equipment for the highway and industrial industries. Known worldwide, the uniqueness of its products allow them to hold a degree of exclusivity in the marketplace. In 2006, they improved their products again with the addition of two powder systems, one for large parts and the second for small. The terms “small” and “large” in this case are misnomers. Small parts range up to 2,500 pounds; large parts up to 9,000. The customers goals for the new systems included: improved material flow and coating durability, environmental compliance and replacement of old equipment. A power and free conveyor is used on the Small Line.

Carriers are easily loaded with a “lowerator” and travel on the process line through the washer and powder booths. A transport conveyor stops in a dry-off oven, cure oven and cooling tunnel. Times are set in the control panel, doors automatically open to release the carriers. The Large Parts Line utilizes a towveyor elevated above the floor to accommodated varied floor levels. Parts ride on carts to stops in a manual blast booth, blow-off platform, powder booth, cure oven and cooling tunnel. The system started up in July of 2007 and met its goal with respect to lean manufacturing and quality improvement. This company is now an industry-leader as the only large excavator to be totally powder coated.


  • Small Parts: 5′ w x 5′ h x 10′ I @ 6 carriers per hour.
  • 4-Stage Stainless Washer
  • Automatic Blow-Off
  • 300 feet Uni/3″ Conveyor
  • Lowerator @ Load/Unload
  • Dry-Off Oven
  • Environmental Room
  • Powder Booth with Reclaim
  • Cure Oven
  • Cooling Tunnel
  • Large Parts: 10’w x 9’h x 25’l @ 2 carriers per hour.
  • 400 feet Elevated Towveyor
  • Product Carts
  • Manual Blast Booth
  • Blow-Off Platform
  • Powder Booth
  • Cure Oven
  • Cooling Tunnel