New Paint Booths Hit the Right Note

NAZARETH, PA – Since 1833, this featured Guitar Company has been making some of the finest instruments in the world. Owned and played by such legendary musicians as Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and Willie Nelson, each guitar is crafted by hand via a 300 step process. Each guitar is a work of art in it’s own right.

Martin knew they needed to find a finishing house with the same high standards as their own when they decided to update their finishing booths.

Their existing method of production, which used waterwash finishing booths, was dated, inefficient, and costly.

After interviewing several companies, this guitar company awarded the turnkey project to the experts at HERR.

The job entailed removing four (4) waterwash finishing booths and replacing them with dry filter booths.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the project would be meeting the tight deadlines necessitated by the customers’ schedule. HERR had approximately 10 weeks to complete the project and could only access the building on weekends, so as not to interrupt production. The lead-time for the booths alone was three (3) weeks. The clients Quality Control Dept. required one (1) full week to test the first booth before ordering the others.

Living up to their reputation for efficiency and economy, HERR provided excellent service along with top-notch equipment, and completed the project on budget, and on schedule.

This guitar company now enjoys upgraded technology in the new filter booths. They’ve lowered labor costs associated with maintenance, reduced their waste disposal fees, and achieved a 99.8% capture rate for the finishing particulate.

This translates to a cleaner, more efficient, more environmentally friendly manufacturing process that has absolutely no negative impact on the finished product.


This finishing system upgrade included:

  • 4 dry-assist filter Paint Booths with dual stage filters
  • Four (4) 21″ diameter, 4200 cfm Fans, with duct
  • System Controls and Panels