HERR Increases Production for Aluminum Fencing Manufacturer

PHILADELPHIA, PA – An aluminum fencing manufacturer, has been enjoying phenomenal success in recent years. Powder coating provides a high quality, low maintenance, exceptional finish that makes this product so popular for both residential and industrial applications.

To keep up with market demand, they needed to increase their production rate. The purchase of a new facility gave them additional floor space to accommodate the expansion of their system and consolidate several facilities.

HERR designed and installed two (2) 16 fpm powder coating lines at their new facility as well as relocated and revamped their existing powder line from their old facility. The system handled all of their parts; from the small finials to their largest 30′ gates. Unique concepts were used in the design of the new dual-pass system, which runs independently from the existing line. In the Pretreatment Machine, Stage 3 does not require a burner but instead uses Stage 1 to heat it through a plate and frame heat exchanger. This design proved to be very cost-efficient for the customer.

Another resourceful feature of this system is the new spray booth. The booth is set on rollers and can be moved to either of the three paint lines. This provides an effective backup plan if the other booths are down for cleaning or repair.

HERR was right on track with the schedule with no delays or major problems. The customer was very happy with the results and appreciated how flexible HERR was with the union situation. HERR stood behind them and tried to be as accommodating as possible and made up for any lost time.


Installation of two (2) new Finishing Systems included :

  • Two (2) 3″ I-Beam (X-348) Type Overhead Conveyor Systems (including Angle-Pivot T-Bar Attachments)
  • One (1) 3-Stage, Dual Pass Style Pretreatment Machine
  • One (1) Dry-Off Oven
  • One (1) Cure Oven
  • One (1) New Powder Booth – Install Only
  • One (1) Powder Application Room with associated air conditioning system
Removal and Reinstallation of the existing system included:

  • Approx. 850 ft. addition of Enclosed Track Conveyor
  • Angle Pivot and T-Bar Attachments
  • Approx. 60 ft. extension of Dry-Off Oven