TIMMONSVILLE, SC – A popular car company, produces all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) for the recreational and agricultural markets. The facility was built in response to an increase in demand for ATVs that exceeded the Motorcycle’s ability to produce the units in their Marysville, OH facility. The project was awarded to HERR following a successful conversion project (liquid system to a powder system), at the customer’s Marysville plant, over a 21-day plant shutdown.

In addition to meeting increased production goals, they required that the new system provide increased coating durability and have state-of-the-art controls in order to meet tight environmental regulations.

The project went smoothly and met budgetary goals. “The most difficult aspect of the project was the fact that not only were the facilities brand new, but the personnel were as well,” said Chris Herr, Sales Engineer. HERR worked with the powder application equipment supplier and customer, at the beginning of the engineering phase to close the technology gap between contractor and client. Additionally, extensive on-site training began during the “debug” phase. The benefit of the training program became evident as the clients production goals were met just weeks after start-up.

The contract completion time was a goal that was met by the professionals at HERR. All schedules were met and the facility was running at full capacity as planned.


The following equipment was incorporated into the design of the powder paint system. The line speed was 10 fpm and the part size was 31″ x 31″ x 71″ :

  • 9-Stage Stainless Steel Washer
  • Zinc Sludge Settling System
  • Automatic Parts Blow-Off
  • Elevated, 120′ long, gas-fired, convection Dry-Off Oven
  • 87′ x 100′ environmentally controlled room with ancillary office and powder storage
  • 50-Ton Air Conditioning System with humidification
  • Two (2) automatic/manual Nordson Powder Booths
  • Elevated, 180′ long, gas-fired, convection Cure Oven
  • Forced Air Cooling Tunnels
  • Dual train, acid and alkaline Wastewater Treatment Systems, 50 gpm
  • 1,700′ of Overhead 3″ I-Beam Conveyor
  • 400′ of Overhead Powder & Free Conveyor
  • PLC Controls
  • Reverse Osmosis Water System