Wastewater Evaporator

HERR installed an 80 GPH Evaporator to reduce the amount of wastewater going to drain from a 5-stage pretreatment washer serving a powder coating system.  The wastewater is first neutralized in a holding tank, then pumped to a water heating tank.  The heated water is sprayed into an airstream, in turn heating the airstream.  The warmer the airstream, the more water volume it can hold.  The humid air passes through mist eliminators, so large droplets are returned to the heating tank and re-sprayed.  The humid air continues to travel through the exhaust duct to the atmosphere.

 HERR Industrial, Inc. is a design-build manufacturer, of industrial paint finishing systems and equipment.  Our systems are customized to meet the specific requirements of your product, production rate and process.

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